What is SantaSlosh?

SantaSlosh is a yearly event – the weekend before Christmas – where a whole lot of awesome folk get dressed up head to toe in a  Santa outfit, bring a gift for charity and go on a pub crawl down Long Street.
SantaSlosh started in 2008 with 15 Santas and has been growing ever since. This year we expect around 340 Santas.

Tell me about the charity element?

Each SantaSlosh is dedicated to a different social initiative.
This year SantaSlosh is bringing cheer to our furry friends at various animal shelters who don’t have home this Christmas.
Santas are asked to bring a tin/bag of non-perishable food or a toy for any size of cat/dog. If a bunch of Santas can fill some furry tummies or bring them some fun with a toy, then we’ll be over the moon.

How does the event work?

On the evening of 15th December all the Santas will leave Santas grotto and make their way to 8 pubs on Long and Bree Street before heading to the after party at 11pm-ish.
The Santas are broken up into 8 teams of 35-40 Santas and each have a set list of pubs they need to visit and a challenge to complete at each pub. They have 30 mins at each pub before the next team moves in an kicks the previous team out!